27 May / 2019

Study at Ukhta State Technical University (Russia)

Ukhta State Technical University (USTU) invites you to study in Russia. USTU is a unique representative of Russian oil and gas universities and one of the largest technical higher educational institutions of the European North of Russia. About 15000 students (over 500 of them are international students from 26 countries) study in 23 different programs at our university. USTU is located in the Komi Republic, in the town of Ukhta - an industrial capital of this region. Ukhta is the motherland of the first Russian oil.

There is an advanced oil and gas industry and wood complex in our region. USTU cooperates with all leading corporations of Russia (oil&gas, geology, mining, forest, building and other industries). Our university works with the leading Russian oil and gas companies and their branches in the region: "Gazprom", "Transneft", "Rosneft", "Lukoil" and others. There are more than 100 modern laboratories with unique equipment in different buildings of Ukhta University's campus. In USTU we develop 12 research schools, design&project institute of oil&gas industry and many other facilities. We have projects and researches in new technologies for all leading enterprises of oil&gas and other industries of Russia. Every year students from USTU and the whole region receive an opportunity to work during summer holidays, join different teams of the Regional student construction union.

In USTU we develop over 44 unique types of sports including: football, basketball, judo, skiing, running, volleyball, mini-football, boxing, swimming, chess and many others. There are many events and kinds of after class activities.

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If you have any questions concerning your future study at USTU you can send email to our International Department international@ugtu.net or contact us 24/7 by +79048648556 via WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram.