24 July / 2020

Due to the Spread of Coronavirus Infection the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kabul Informs on the Following Restrictions:

  • The Government of the Russian Federation made a decision to restrict the entry of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Russian Federation;
  • The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kabul temporally suspends the issue of private, business, humanitarian and student visas;
  • The procedure of visa issuance for accredited or assigned members of diplomatic or consular missions, as well as international organizations and their branches in Russia, officials of the Permanent Committee of Union State and their family members, vehicle drivers on international roads, air, maritime, river and railway train crews remains the same;
  • The procedure for issuance of short term diplomatic and service visas has not been changed;
  • The procedure of visa issuance for private visas with the purpose of visit designated as “Special Cases” (namely death of a close relative, family members (spouses, parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children) or guardians of the Russian citizens, persons that permanently live in the Russian Federation), as well as for family members of Russian citizens remains the same;
  • The entry restrictions shall not apply to persons who have permanent residency in Russia, and foreign citizens that have a transit flight using 24-hour visa-free regime (on depart from an airport of arrival);
  • Residence permit does not give the right to enter the Russian Federation.

The Embassy apologizes for the temporary restrictions.